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What’s in a name? The naming of Mythos 150 (Post #2)

March 6, 2018by mythos150

Mythos Family,

One of the most common questions that we have fielded since our inception is “What does the name mean?” We completely understand the confusion and to be honest, enjoy the mystery of it. The name allows us to tell a story.

When the thought of opening a fitness facility sprouted, the name was the first focus. As silly as it sounds with the challenge of fundraising, location, programming, staffing, schedule, and permitting, we intuitively knew the name was of distinct importance.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful and important parts of our lives, and something that we should fight to keep. We initially were looking at roman and greek names, having to do with courage, love, recovery, and challenge. Then, we came upon Mythos.

Mythos is defined as a set of beliefs or assumptions about something. It also has deep roots in mythology, storytelling, culture, and communities. Every individual, group, team, country, and belief system has their own mythos. We aspire to create one of our own.

-A belief that your fitness journey is something that you have ownership over.

-A belief that the way you conduct yourself in a gym reflects how you will outside of it.

-An assumption that those who are willing to fight through temporary discomfort will benefit in the long run.

-An assumption that this fitness journey should be done with a tribe, family, group of like-minded individuals.

-A value that you should be able to tell your own fitness story.

The individualization of the journey, combined with the support of the group, matched with a desire for integrity in our movements and behaviors come together to create our Mythos.

So, what about the 150?

Nobody enjoys being lost in a crowd, group, or class. Feeling like you are forgotten, alone, left out, picked last are things that everyone has felt at one time or another.

At Mythos 150, each location will be intentionally limited to 150 members. This will allows the space to stay close, intimate, and intentional. You will know the names of people in your class, they will be your neighbors, friends, and workout partners.

When a location is hitting 150, bursting at the seams, well then it is time to open another one.

So friends, that is the story of our name. We look forward to seeing all of you participate in the coming months.