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July 26, 2018

 Favorite Fitness in Atlanta #2: MADabolic Atlanta

We are back with one of our Favorite Fitness Gyms in Atlanta. Earlier this month we had the opportunity to try out a great new fitness offering in Atlanta by the name of MADabolic. This interval driven workout combines functional movements and boxing in an intense small group atmosphere. Here are our thoughts from the class:

April 20, 2018

Dear Mythos Family,

I recently was lucky enough to take a trip to New Orleans. While there I met the most wonderful of human beings who for our purposes will call James. James is a free soul who lives his life one day, hour, minute, and second at a time. He has thrown off cultural and social expectations and lives life as he sees fit. While his lifestyle isn’t for everyone, he taught me a great deal about how we should approach everything, including fitness.

While there, one of James’ favorite activities was to walk up to a passerby and ask them “Are you alive?”. I asked him why you chose to do this and the answer surprised me in its depth.

James patiently explained to me that so many people walk through life worrying about the minutiae, wanting to pick fights and arguments, spread drama and rumors, break friendships and relationships out of fear. He developed a habit of asking a person when they tried to confront him about a topic that didn’t truly matter by asking “Are you alive?!”. This would quickly quell any arguments, any desire to pick a pointless fight. He since then has made it a habit to ask strangers the same question three times, especially those who seemed lost in spirit. The results were entrancing to watch.

Most individuals would initially react by throwing up walls. Here was this tall, grinning, wild haired man getting in their personal space and asking an intensely intimate question. Many would react with “yes…” with a good deal of hesitation. James would continue smiling and allow them a moment then ask the question again. They would reply with a more affirmative and slightly annoyed”Yes”.  On the third ask, something beautiful would happen. You could see the change, the shift, the introspection, where the person realized and FELT that they were alive. For most, this brought a joy that brought walls down. The final yes was heartfelt, and you couldn’t help but smile with them.  James made many friends that day as we walked the streets of the Quarter.

So what does this have to do with fitness and exercise? Well, for those of you who have achieved a new skill, have broken a personal record on something, have been lying on the floor breathless at the end of a workout, and especially those who have experienced heartfelt friendship from those you suffer with, you KNOW what it feels like to be alive. In that one hour of your day, YOU ARE ALIVE.

Our hope at Mythos 150 is to give you a space where you feel alive. Our goal is you can take that feeling and keep it with you as you move into the outside world, outside of the gym walls. It goes beyond fitness, it becomes a Journey.

If we succeed in creating this for you, we hope that you run into James somewhere deep in the French Quarter, you will have your answer ready.

March 30, 2018

It seems like a simple question, how are you measuring your progress?

I have yet to meet a single individual who doesn’t have some sort of goal related to their fitness journey. Often though, these goals are so long term or ambiguous, they get lost in the noise of working out everyday.

Here at Mythos 150, this question is the foundation to who we desire to be as a fitness brand. With that in mind, we have created the M150 Journey System. 

This Journey System is currently in testing, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak of how it works.

This system follows two simultaneous tracks: Athlete and Lifestyle. Lets break them down.

Athlete will be a set of measurements, movements, and abilities across 5 different categories. These are Gymnastics, Aerobic Capacity, Weightlifting, Mobility, and Benchmarks. There will be clearly defined mile markers for each category, which will give you a set path on how to improve. Instead of the pass/fail culture of a gymnastics movement (“I don’t have pullups), or the idolization of 1 rep maxes in weightlifting, you will have small, bite sized goals that show you that you are making progress.

This system also shows you whether you are balanced, or have inadvertently created a bias in your training. Often people realize they have prioritized Gymnastics and Weightlifting, but have completely forgotten mobility. Or they are crushing it in Aerobic Capacity, but need to work on their Benchmarks.

The Lifestyle track seeks to combine the hard work you put into the gym with things outside of it. This may be running a 5k, playing with the kids without knee pain, gaining the confidence to rock a certain outfit, or being more confident in your job. Everything we do in the gym at Mythos 150 is with the intention of improving your life outside of it.

Look for more information about this Journey System in the coming weeks. If you are interested in being a Beta tester for it, shoot us a message, we would love to hear about your goals.



March 21, 2018

One of the biggest myths in functional fitness is that you have to hit every rep, round, workout, and training week with absolute intensity. Intensity matters, and should be a part of a majority of your training, but should not be the “exclusive” mindset anytime you walk into the gym.

Today we will talk about 3 distinct alternatives to hitting a WOD, lifting heavy, or getting out of breath. These are:

-Full Rest

-Active Recovery

-Skill/Stability Work

Full Rest: (Once every 7-14 days)

This option is exactly what it sounds like. REST! Don’t go to the gym, limit physical activity to what is necessary to get through your day in all non-fitness related areas. For those who absolutely have to do something productive, this is a good day to intentionally take care of your body. Here are some suggestions:

-Food Prep (Make eating on training days easier)
-Take a Nap
-Meditation (Check out Headspace App)
-Epsom Salt Bath
-Get a massage
-Chiropractic Care (Atlanta folks, check out Corrective Chiropractic)

Active Recovery: (Once a week)

One of the most misused words in the industry. Active recovery is using specific levels of effort AND volume to flush the nastiness out of your muscles and smooth out any knots/tweaks you have. Active recovery should never be above a 60% effort, and at durations of 20 minutes or less. Going on a 5 mile run is not Active Recovery, nor is rowing a 5k. It should be low volume. Some good active recovery activities:

-Foam Rolling
-Slow 2k or less row
-Assault bike for 5 minutes at sub 300/250 watts
-Banded Stretches
-Lacrosse Ball
-Dynamic stretching movements

Skill/Stability Work: (Twice a week. Can be paired with a class the same day)

Sometimes your body isn’t necessarily beat up, but attacking a high intensity workout just isn’t going to work. You may also have a deficiency in one area and need to spend specific time working on it. For several athletes we have worked with, they also have imbalances right to left. Spending time working on Skills and Stability can be a good option.

Some things to remember:

-Skill work should be intentional, low rep, and have a minimum of misses. This is a great time to take video

-Stability work should be exactly what it sounds like…stable. If your overhead carries and single arm kettlebell swings are causing you to wobble all over the place, lower the weight.

-Going back to the basics is the key to unlocking the higher level stuff. Want Handstand Walks? Go back to Wall Walks and Shoulder Taps. Want a Bar Muscle Up? Go back to your kip swing or ring rows.


Give these different ways of working out a try, make them a regular part of your routine. You will be pleasantly surprised at how your times, lifts, and skills all improve, from what feels like doing less.