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Measuring Progress: Journey System Teaser (Post #5)

March 30, 2018by mythos150

It seems like a simple question, how are you measuring your progress?

I have yet to meet a single individual who doesn’t have some sort of goal related to their fitness journey. Often though, these goals are so long term or ambiguous, they get lost in the noise of working out everyday.

Here at Mythos 150, this question is the foundation to who we desire to be as a fitness brand. With that in mind, we have created the M150 Journey System. 

This Journey System is currently in testing, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak of how it works.

This system follows two simultaneous tracks: Athlete and Lifestyle. Lets break them down.

Athlete will be a set of measurements, movements, and abilities across 5 different categories. These are Gymnastics, Aerobic Capacity, Weightlifting, Mobility, and Benchmarks. There will be clearly defined mile markers for each category, which will give you a set path on how to improve. Instead of the pass/fail culture of a gymnastics movement (“I don’t have pullups), or the idolization of 1 rep maxes in weightlifting, you will have small, bite sized goals that show you that you are making progress.

This system also shows you whether you are balanced, or have inadvertently created a bias in your training. Often people realize they have prioritized Gymnastics and Weightlifting, but have completely forgotten mobility. Or they are crushing it in Aerobic Capacity, but need to work on their Benchmarks.

The Lifestyle track seeks to combine the hard work you put into the gym with things outside of it. This may be running a 5k, playing with the kids without knee pain, gaining the confidence to rock a certain outfit, or being more confident in your job. Everything we do in the gym at Mythos 150 is with the intention of improving your life outside of it.

Look for more information about this Journey System in the coming weeks. If you are interested in being a Beta tester for it, shoot us a message, we would love to hear about your goals.