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Home Workout Series Vol #1 (Post #3)

March 11, 2018by mythos150

Hey Mythos Family,

One of the biggest questions we get from people going through our gymnastics program, or who spend a lot of time on the road, is what they can do to stay fit at home or on the road. This is a GREAT question for a lot of reasons. There may be some days where life doesn’t allow us to make it to a brick and mortar fitness facility, hotel gyms may be closed down or nonexistent, or for the introverts in the room, you may just need a break from people.

Here is an option of what you can do with NO EQUIPMENT. Most lists such as these just give you packaged workouts, we want to give you some tools to create your own!

Name: Midline Madness
What it works: CORE!
How it works: Full Tabata (8 rounds of :20 on, :10 off) of each movement, 1 minute rest b/t movements. Pick 3 movements and attack.

Apprentice: (Just want a burn)
-Plank Hold
-Abmat Situp (Use a towel underneath your back if no abmat)
-Tuck Hollow

Journeyman: (Challenge me!)
-Plank Jumps (Jump feet out and in)
-Abmat Situp with SLOW Negative
-Extended Hollow

Master: (Abs of steel)
-Plank Up Downs (Go from hands to elbows)
-Hollow Rocks

Example workout: (Mixture of Levels)

-Tabata Plank Hold
-1 minute rest
-Tabata Extended Hollow
-1 minute rest
-Tabata V-Ups

Give it a go and let us know how it goes!