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Favorite Fitness in Atlanta (Orange Theory) (Post #7)

May 16, 2018by mythos150

Hey Mythos Family,

A series we will be starting on this blog is a review of fitness classes we have tried out here in Atlanta. Now…this may seem odd because some of these are technically “competitors” but at our core we believe your fitness should be fun, varied, and interesting. There is nothing wrong with participating with multiple fitness communities.

This week, we will be talking about Orange Theory Fitness:

The Good:

-Before class started, I had a phone call with a staff member at OTF. They did a great job of preparing me for class, asking about any limitations, and making sure I was there early. They are SERIOUS about being there early and it made sense, because I got a great walkthrough by the trainer before class.

-Facilities were spotless and matched the brand. I was very impressed with the bathrooms, buit into the walls lockers, front desk area, apparel.

-Great equipment. Layout of the gym made it possible for a large class to run comfortably in a relatively small space.

Things we would like to see: 

-I would have loved to see a bit more instruction on the movement. Whether it was how to row a touch faster, correct form on using the TRX bands, or the dumbbell movements.

-I unfortunately didn’t learn anyone’s name in the class. While there were some good high fives at the end, I could have walked in the next day and not remembered who I was in class with.

The Great:

-Our instructor rocked. Great energy, fast instruction, kept an eye on everyone, was on the ball with transitions. (Class was 20+).

-The workout was matched to the music. This gave extra inspiration to push a little bit harder. It felt almost like you were part of a video game or a piece of a giant fitness machine, with the whole room working together.

-Follow up. I received several emails and texts checking in on me after class, along with a summary of my score/splat point, average heartrate, and other markers. Very impressive post-class customer service.


Suggestion: Try it out! For some this will fit exactly what you are looking for in fitness, where you get in, get out in an hour, have some fun, and don’t have to think too much about your fitness. The instructors do the mental work for you and you just have to get after it. I would definitely go back.