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Favorite Fitness in Atlanta #2: MADabolic Atlanta

July 26, 2018by mythos1500

 Favorite Fitness in Atlanta #2: MADabolic Atlanta

We are back with one of our Favorite Fitness Gyms in Atlanta. Earlier this month we had the opportunity to try out a great new fitness offering in Atlanta by the name of MADabolic. This interval driven workout combines functional movements and boxing in an intense small group atmosphere. Here are our thoughts from the class:

MADabolics believes in being a workout program that complements your lifestyle, fitting in with your other fitness activities. There is MOMENTUM, a class that has gradually building intervals of intensity, ANAEROBIC which is all out sprint efforts, and DURABILITY which focuses on your strength and stamina.


The Good:

-The programmed workouts are fun, high energy, and extremely effective! The movement combinations are challenging enough to make the workout difficult without tiring out one body part excessively.

-The layout of the class is intuitive. After just a 2 minute explanation, you will understand exactly how your workout is going to flow.

-Our coach Obi was friendly, knowledgeable, and intentionally had touch points with each athlete 3-4 times during the class. We felt very taken care of.


MADabolics Fitness Atlanta

Things We Would Like to See:

-We love being social with our fitness. Having experimented with Classpass and coming from a CrossFit environment, having an opportunity to learn names in class was something that could have been structured/encouraged.

– This class was clearly for individuals experienced with fitness. The instruction and warm-up was quick and then we hopped right into things. For someone who has not squatted, rowed, or boxed before, this studio might not be for you.


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The Great:

-The music was INCREDIBLE. Kept the energy high, worked well with the interval style of the workout, and often gave the perfect beat for the tempo on the speed ladder.

-The facilities are excellent. The equipment is high quality, a great location right on the beltline. I definitely felt like this was a boutique fitness experience.

-Having a fitness facility where the owner greeted me at the desk and remembered my name the second time I came in added a special touch. Finding a fitness facility in Atlanta where this is the case can be challenging. 


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