Warming Up...

November 29, 2020

There is a distinct difference between those who crush hard workouts and those who “survive” hard workouts.

It has little to do with their age, fitness level, body fat percentage, aerobic capacity, or any of those other factors. Those factors may influence the amount of weight they use or their speed, but not whether or not they feel like they had ownership over the workout.

The difference is their posture.

When an athlete starts breathing hard, struggles with a heavy weight, or is working out a new skill, those who are successful have an open, confident, and forward posture. They approach the barbell standing up tall, they sit straight on their BREATHE machine, they intentionally move through bodyweight exercises. They are not having good posture because they are doing well in the workout, but instead they are doing well in the workout because they are keeping good posture.

This week, try a couple of things to feel the benefit of good posture:

1) Have good posture while you rest. In between rounds, either stay standing or sit up tall. Be intentional with your breathing and keep your chest open.

2) Approach your barbell or kettlebell confidently. Chest proud, eyes up, shoulders back. YOU show that weight who is in control, not the other way around.

3) Smile through the challenge. Find the joy of attempting a hard task, grit your teeth and grin against it. Celebrate that you get to move your body in such fun and powerful ways.

Test out these tips, and you will not only find yourself performing better, but your workouts will also be more enjoyable.