Warming Up...

March 30, 2018

It seems like a simple question, how are you measuring your progress?

I have yet to meet a single individual who doesn’t have some sort of goal related to their fitness journey. Often though, these goals are so long term or ambiguous, they get lost in the noise of working out everyday.

Here at Mythos 150, this question is the foundation to who we desire to be as a fitness brand. With that in mind, we have created the M150 Journey System. 

This Journey System is currently in testing, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak of how it works.

This system follows two simultaneous tracks: Athlete and Lifestyle. Lets break them down.

Athlete will be a set of measurements, movements, and abilities across 5 different categories. These are Gymnastics, Aerobic Capacity, Weightlifting, Mobility, and Benchmarks. There will be clearly defined mile markers for each category, which will give you a set path on how to improve. Instead of the pass/fail culture of a gymnastics movement (“I don’t have pullups), or the idolization of 1 rep maxes in weightlifting, you will have small, bite sized goals that show you that you are making progress.

This system also shows you whether you are balanced, or have inadvertently created a bias in your training. Often people realize they have prioritized Gymnastics and Weightlifting, but have completely forgotten mobility. Or they are crushing it in Aerobic Capacity, but need to work on their Benchmarks.

The Lifestyle track seeks to combine the hard work you put into the gym with things outside of it. This may be running a 5k, playing with the kids without knee pain, gaining the confidence to rock a certain outfit, or being more confident in your job. Everything we do in the gym at Mythos 150 is with the intention of improving your life outside of it.

Look for more information about this Journey System in the coming weeks. If you are interested in being a Beta tester for it, shoot us a message, we would love to hear about your goals.



March 21, 2018

One of the biggest myths in functional fitness is that you have to hit every rep, round, workout, and training week with absolute intensity. Intensity matters, and should be a part of a majority of your training, but should not be the “exclusive” mindset anytime you walk into the gym.

Today we will talk about 3 distinct alternatives to hitting a WOD, lifting heavy, or getting out of breath. These are:

-Full Rest

-Active Recovery

-Skill/Stability Work

Full Rest: (Once every 7-14 days)

This option is exactly what it sounds like. REST! Don’t go to the gym, limit physical activity to what is necessary to get through your day in all non-fitness related areas. For those who absolutely have to do something productive, this is a good day to intentionally take care of your body. Here are some suggestions:

-Food Prep (Make eating on training days easier)
-Take a Nap
-Meditation (Check out Headspace App)
-Epsom Salt Bath
-Get a massage
-Chiropractic Care (Atlanta folks, check out Corrective Chiropractic)

Active Recovery: (Once a week)

One of the most misused words in the industry. Active recovery is using specific levels of effort AND volume to flush the nastiness out of your muscles and smooth out any knots/tweaks you have. Active recovery should never be above a 60% effort, and at durations of 20 minutes or less. Going on a 5 mile run is not Active Recovery, nor is rowing a 5k. It should be low volume. Some good active recovery activities:

-Foam Rolling
-Slow 2k or less row
-Assault bike for 5 minutes at sub 300/250 watts
-Banded Stretches
-Lacrosse Ball
-Dynamic stretching movements

Skill/Stability Work: (Twice a week. Can be paired with a class the same day)

Sometimes your body isn’t necessarily beat up, but attacking a high intensity workout just isn’t going to work. You may also have a deficiency in one area and need to spend specific time working on it. For several athletes we have worked with, they also have imbalances right to left. Spending time working on Skills and Stability can be a good option.

Some things to remember:

-Skill work should be intentional, low rep, and have a minimum of misses. This is a great time to take video

-Stability work should be exactly what it sounds like…stable. If your overhead carries and single arm kettlebell swings are causing you to wobble all over the place, lower the weight.

-Going back to the basics is the key to unlocking the higher level stuff. Want Handstand Walks? Go back to Wall Walks and Shoulder Taps. Want a Bar Muscle Up? Go back to your kip swing or ring rows.


Give these different ways of working out a try, make them a regular part of your routine. You will be pleasantly surprised at how your times, lifts, and skills all improve, from what feels like doing less.

March 11, 2018

Hey Mythos Family,

One of the biggest questions we get from people going through our gymnastics program, or who spend a lot of time on the road, is what they can do to stay fit at home or on the road. This is a GREAT question for a lot of reasons. There may be some days where life doesn’t allow us to make it to a brick and mortar fitness facility, hotel gyms may be closed down or nonexistent, or for the introverts in the room, you may just need a break from people.

Here is an option of what you can do with NO EQUIPMENT. Most lists such as these just give you packaged workouts, we want to give you some tools to create your own!

Name: Midline Madness
What it works: CORE!
How it works: Full Tabata (8 rounds of :20 on, :10 off) of each movement, 1 minute rest b/t movements. Pick 3 movements and attack.

Apprentice: (Just want a burn)
-Plank Hold
-Abmat Situp (Use a towel underneath your back if no abmat)
-Tuck Hollow

Journeyman: (Challenge me!)
-Plank Jumps (Jump feet out and in)
-Abmat Situp with SLOW Negative
-Extended Hollow

Master: (Abs of steel)
-Plank Up Downs (Go from hands to elbows)
-Hollow Rocks

Example workout: (Mixture of Levels)

-Tabata Plank Hold
-1 minute rest
-Tabata Extended Hollow
-1 minute rest
-Tabata V-Ups

Give it a go and let us know how it goes!


March 6, 2018

Mythos Family,

One of the most common questions that we have fielded since our inception is “What does the name mean?” We completely understand the confusion and to be honest, enjoy the mystery of it. The name allows us to tell a story.

When the thought of opening a fitness facility sprouted, the name was the first focus. As silly as it sounds with the challenge of fundraising, location, programming, staffing, schedule, and permitting, we intuitively knew the name was of distinct importance.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful and important parts of our lives, and something that we should fight to keep. We initially were looking at roman and greek names, having to do with courage, love, recovery, and challenge. Then, we came upon Mythos.

Mythos is defined as a set of beliefs or assumptions about something. It also has deep roots in mythology, storytelling, culture, and communities. Every individual, group, team, country, and belief system has their own mythos. We aspire to create one of our own.

-A belief that your fitness journey is something that you have ownership over.

-A belief that the way you conduct yourself in a gym reflects how you will outside of it.

-An assumption that those who are willing to fight through temporary discomfort will benefit in the long run.

-An assumption that this fitness journey should be done with a tribe, family, group of like-minded individuals.

-A value that you should be able to tell your own fitness story.

The individualization of the journey, combined with the support of the group, matched with a desire for integrity in our movements and behaviors come together to create our Mythos.

So, what about the 150?

Nobody enjoys being lost in a crowd, group, or class. Feeling like you are forgotten, alone, left out, picked last are things that everyone has felt at one time or another.

At Mythos 150, each location will be intentionally limited to 150 members. This will allows the space to stay close, intimate, and intentional. You will know the names of people in your class, they will be your neighbors, friends, and workout partners.

When a location is hitting 150, bursting at the seams, well then it is time to open another one.

So friends, that is the story of our name. We look forward to seeing all of you participate in the coming months.