Warming Up...

February 27, 2018

Dear Mythos Family,

Welcome to your first step in a journey of something new. For the next few months I will be posting regular updates about the state of the gym, buildout, location, and of course colorful anecdotes about the adventures of starting a new business. I will also be including notes/thoughts/explanations of the vision for this facility, and for the family that I hope will inhabit it. But first, I owe it to you to explain how this began.

I was lucky to find fitness at an early age, having clear memories of training my buddies Jordan and Austin on my Dad’s bowflex at age 12. Something about understanding movement, the ways that I could change how my body looked, and the rush of pushing into new areas really hooked me. For a shy, awkward, and extremely lanky kid, being able to do these things gave me sense of confidence and self-worth that had been lacking. I had uncovered something new, a passion.

Fast forward 14 years, having been a mediocre track athlete, gym bro, bright eyed new Crossfitter, and finally coach, I arrived again at something new. The concept of ownership, of creating a space that serviced those I care about well.

Now, like most owners, this seed of a thought started in a place of frustration. I looked across the landscape of culture within functional fitness facilities and was…saddened. Coaches and owners being shitty to athletes, cliques strongly formed against new individuals or those who did not perform as well athletically, programming that caused injury, and a culture where we are supposed to one up each other in how much we DREAD the difficulty of the workout (“Man this workout is going to SUCK”).

Something in me snapped. I was over the culture, the shaming, the people being left out, the worship of heavy lifting, the comparisons. There had to be something different, something better. This is where the term Mythos came into being.

Mythos is defined as a set of beliefs or assumptions about something. So here are a few.

  1. Every individual I have ever coached has enormous athletic and mental toughness potential. They have the ability to become faster, stronger, smarter, and more resilient.
  2. Comparisons should be made to yourself, and occasionally a friendly rival who is more of a friend and support than an adversary. Someone who can lift 300 lbs has no more value to the group than the beginner who can barely lift 100. Both can contribute enormous amounts, both have a lot of room to grow.
  3. The culture of worshipping getting strong and touching a barbell daily is poisonous, and is a huge cause for high levels of injury. Getting strong is awesome. Barbell movements are effective, and will have a regular place at Mythos 150. Balance is more important. Health should be the goal.
  4. A majority of clients are just desperately trying to make an hour of fitness fit into their schedule. They don’t have time to stretch/mobilize/mash/recover outside of that hour. It is our responsibility to make time in that hour for it to happen.

The beliefs of Mythos 150 are continuing to grow and change. But I am creating a facility where each individual will be able to walk their own path towards health and fitness, a place where as a community we celebrate our collective progress and individual differents,  and where someone in their first month will be as celebrated and welcomed into social gatherings as the 5 year veterans.

I look forward to taking the next steps with you.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. -Lao Tzu